Annual Blood Work is Important

At Main Street Pet Care we strive to provide a loving sanctuary for the relationships between people and their pets.  One of the ways we do this is by providing lifelong care to maximize the relationships that develop between people and their pets.  That means making sure your pet lives a healthy, happy life for as long as they can.  One of the ways we do that is by recommending routine blood work.

Is it really important to do blood work on an annual basis?

It can be tempting to skip what is often seen as an “unnecessary expense”, especially on younger pets or those that seem outwardly healthy.  However, doing Annual Blood Screenings help to establish a baseline for your pet.  Many diseases have early signs that aren’t detectable physically, but can show up on Annual Blood Screenings.  Finding these changes early allows the doctor to make recommendations that can not only add years to your pet’s life, but make those years higher quality than they would have otherwise been.  Your pet’s Annual Blood Screening is just as important as an Annual Exam.

What does annual blood work consist of?

Depending on their age, cats and dogs should both have either a Wellness Blood Screen or a Senior Wellness Blood Screen.  A Wellness Blood Screen consists of two parts: a Complete Blood Count that looks at volume and health of red and white blood cells along with a Chemistry Profile that assesses the health of organ function such as liver and kidneys.  A Senior Wellness Blood Screen also checks your pet’s Thyroid function.  In addition to these tests, a Heartworm Test is recommended on a yearly basis for dogs and a FeLV/FIV Combo Test is recommended for cats that venture outdoors.

Why should my pet have annual blood work done?

A Wellness Blood Screen is an important part of your pet’s health assessment.  While an Annual Physical Exam is important, it can only tell the doctor so much about your pet’s health.  Combining an Annual Physical Exam with a Wellness Blood Screen provides the doctor with a much better picture of your pet’s overall health and helps them to make recommendations to help keep your pet healthy.  An Annual Heartworm Test is recommended to check for this potentially life threatening infection.  If negative, there are preventatives that can help keep your pet parasite free.  Annual FeLV/FIV Combo Tests are recommended because outdoor cats are more likely to come into contact with other outdoor cats which means they are more likely to become infected with FeLV or FIV.  If your cat is positive for either or both of these viruses it can impact their health and the health of other cats they come into contact with.

If your pet is overdue for their Annual Blood Work, give us a call and we’d love to get them scheduled!



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