Five Tips to Effective Flea Control

Five Tips to Effective Flea Control

 In the Four-States area if you have pets then you’re either dealing with or have dealt with flea problems.  They’re resilient creatures.  It seems like all it takes is to let down your guard for a short time and they’re out of control!  It can be frustrating to you and annoying (or worse) to your pet.  So how do you snuff out flea problems?

Use Veterinarian Approved Products

There have been some very safe and very effective products developed in the last several years, but they’re only available from your veterinarian.  Generics and outdated technologies purchased from big box stores, feed stores, and online vendors may cost less, but do not provide the same level of effectiveness and safety as those purchased from your veterinarian.  Veterinary staff members can also provide you with information and assistance if you have questions about the products you’re using while the same may not be true from online vendors or big box stores.  Many manufacturers guarantee their products’ safety and effectiveness, but these guarantees may only available if purchased through your veterinarian.

Be Consistent

Consistency is important to getting flea infestations under control and keeping them that way.  Most products are designed to be given every 30 days.  If you are skipping doses or not administering a product on schedule, you are giving fleas an opportunity to continue their life cycle which guarantees you will continue to have problems.

Use It Year Round

In the Four-States area fleas don’t take a break during the winter.  While it may be cold outside, inside the conditions are well suited to continue a flea’s life cycle.  If you stop giving flea control in the winter, you risk developing a problem without noticing it.  By the time you start giving prevention again you’ll already be behind.

Treat Every Pet

Any untreated pet is a potential source for fleas.  If you have two pets, but you are only treating one, you will never get the problem under control.  This can certainly make things difficult in cases where your dog “shares” the yard with stray cats or some species of wildlife.  In these situations you may need to implement extra treatment options to keep the fleas in check.

Be In It For The Long Haul

There is no quick fix or magic medication for getting a flea infestation under control.  It will not happen overnight.  It will not even happen the first month you use flea control.  Studies have shown it takes a minimum of 3 months of consistently administering a flea control product before you will have the problem under control.  It will take even longer if you are not being consistent and not treating every pet in your household.


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